Jaani Dyakha Hawbe

Megh (Parambrata Chatterjee) wants to be a musician and Hiya (Payel Sarkar) is an aspiring model. But both of them couldn’t really establish themselves. They meet at a bookstore and fall in love with each other. But a time comes when they had to give more time for their career rather than their love. This resulted in a break-up, with its ill-effects on both lives. It was too late when they realised that they cannot stay without each other.

Pat (Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay) is a photographer who handles Hiya’s portfolio. He promised Hiya to help her in establishing a career, but later turned out to be a liar who used her for some personal gains. On the other hand, Megh was trying to make an album under the label of Octane, a music company. One of its members was Minakshi (Roopa Ganguly), who tried to help Megh. Megh stayed on rent at Nirupama’s (Mamata Shankar) place. It turned out that her ex-lover Ishwar (Anjan Dutt) became the drinking partner of Megh. When Nirupama was out of station, Ishwar secretly reside at her house with Megh, as both he and Nirupama didn’t want to face each other. Ishwar was a poor man with no money and in fact, he had none in this world whom he could call as his own, except Nirupama. Their past turned out to be similar as of Megh and Hiya. Ishwar’s original intention was to reunite Megh and Hiya. He was later helped by Nirupama, and in the meanwhile, both of them realised that they still loved each other. Finally, they were successful in their mission and all the four lives lived happy thereafter.


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