Ki Kore Toke Bolbo

The movie starts in a police station where a police is beating a boy named Akash (Ankush) for loving a girl named Priya. Akash is released from the jail and the police officer (Supriyo Dutta) says that Priya herself complains to the police officer. Akash goes to Priya’s house to know the truth. Akash learns that Priya’s marriage had been fixed with another man and this is why her father complains in the police station. Priya says that he would get a better wife. Akash left heartbroken. His parents noticed that and requests to Akash to marry. Akash calmly agrees and married to Anjali (Mimi Chakraborty). But Anjali wants divorce that night and Akash agrees. Akash and Anjali goes to divorce office and the court gives them six months to set things right between them.

Akash then learns that Anjali loves a man named Bikrom. But her father (Bharat Kaul) forces her to marry with Akash. Akash and Anjali goes to a market and Anjali sees Bikram there. Akash then takes Anjali to Bikram and they become reunited. One day Bikram tells Anjali to attend a party. Anjali finds Bikram drunk and Bikram says that he takes 50 thousand rupees from her father for Anjali’s marriage with Akash. Anjali left heartbroken. But gradually Anjali loved Akash. But she doesn’t tell this to Akash. When Akash’s parents come to meet them they have to act in front of their parents to make them happy. But his mother gets the divorce paper. Akash then tells the whole matter to his mother. When the six months given by the court is over they go to the court and they signed to the divorce paper. Anjali left heartbroaken and she goes to airport with her father. After returning home Akash understands that he also loved Anjali. He rushed to the airport where Bikrom and his henchmen come to beat Akash. Akash fights with them and goes to airport and find Anjali there. They become reunited.



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