Sondhey Namaar Aagey

As a whole, despite having the potential and a good cast, Sondhey Namaar Aagey is not exactly a film you watch if have other options.

This decent story with a strong cast has such glaring chinks in its armour that it can’t be labelled anything above mediocre. For one, why do directors ask actors who can’t speak English to do just that on screen? And more importantly, why is a shot with such terrible English okayed? Isn’t direction as much about perfection as sitting behind the camera and shouting action and cut? Such sloppy scenes can ruin the audience’s impression about the film — however stylized it may be — in an instant. And that’s exactly what happens to someone watching Sondhey Namaar Aagey when Elina’s sister, Ishika (Priya), expresses her love to a German designer. And, of course, that’s just one such sloppy scene.


The film is a murder mystery that fails to be gripping. How bad can things get? As Rusha and the unnervingly cool and silent Pratyush run around, following a 20-year-old crime trail, that is supposed to be ice cold, they surprisingly find it hot and happening. Everyone involved with the incident 20 years back turns out to be a suspect and all point fingers, albeit indirectly, at one another. But there’s the catch. While you’d expect to be sitting at the edge of your seat, trying to guess who the killer is, you find yourself sitting back and waiting for the mystery to end.
Then again, in what seems to be inspiration drawn from today’s TV soaps, none of the characters involved with the murder seem to age! Except fashion photographer and Elina’s lover Promit Sen (Palash), all the other characters — Ishika, governess Michele (Debjani) or Subinoy’s elder brother Sovon (Sanjiban) — seem to have remained the same age after 20 years. At least for them, it’s not sondhye yet. See? I seem to have solved the mystery behind the title. But that still doesn’t help when it comes to solving the mystery behind Pratyush’s silence. How does his silence help solve crimes?

Anyway, let’s get to the technical aspects. As far as acting is concerned, everyone is more or less good, with even Rahul not emerging above the rest. Nusrat, too, is mediocre at best. And maybe that’s because, somehow, the potential inherent in her character is not fully explored in the film. But Priya stands out for her over-acting in certain scenes and, as we mentioned earlier, during her accidental trysts with English. The music, especially the background score, is way below par, given that the film is a murder mystery. It fails to add to suspense or create the right ambience, which is so necessary in a suspense thriller.

As a whole, despite having the potential and a good cast, Sondhey Namaar Aagey is not exactly a film you watch if have other options.

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